Honey - RAW Wild Blossom 500g

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Bee Wild Honey invites you to experience the delightful flavours of our raw, unprocessed honey. Bee Wild Honey prides itself on ethical beekeeping. Our honey is untreated, unheated and as natural as it was in the comb.
Our hives are based in the Cape Floral region of South Africa. The bees forage on natural flora such as fynbos, wild flowers and eucalyptus. We also collaborate with likeminded beekeepers.
Honey is extracted from the hive Honey Supers, in a centrifugal honey extractor, before being tapped into large settling tanks and allowed to clarify. The honey is then tapped into smaller tanks before being bottled and packaged for sale.
Bee Wild Honey is an active member of the South African beekeeping community and a member of both the Western Cape Bee Association (WCBA) and our national body, the South Africa Bee Industry Organisation (SABIO). It is also registered with the Department of Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) as required by law.