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Herbal tea has been around for thousands of years and has been traced back to China and Southern Asia as its source of origin. It has been used in ancient ceremonies and traditional healing styles for many generations. To this day different types of tea are used as popular herbal medicines and as warm drinks, around the world.

Some Thyme sells a substantial range of herbal teas produced by Carmien. The flavors and properties of these rooibos-based teas are elaborated in this blog.

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Living a balanced life can be intimidating at the beginning, as advertising, consumerism, and materialism surround most of us on a day-to-day basis. As challenging as it might be, it is entirely plausible to start somewhere simple, like keeping your body and mind active, setting time aside to think about things, and to clean up your diet.

Give yourself a break, and rest assured that we have everything you need.

When you visit our shop, first see our categories, and take your time when exploring the wide variety of foods that we have. We are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and stock some awesome speciality ingredients.

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